How to Tell If Someone Is a Psychic. A person is considered psychic if he can access information without using the five senses. Psychic skills include tarot reading, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairsentience and mediumship, among others. There are several ways by which you can tell if someone is psychic. Read on to find out.

Know If Someone Is Psychic

Watch your thoughts. One of the more common skills of a psychic is the ability to read minds. You can tell if a person is psychic if they seem to always know what you are thinking without you saying anything.

Listen. Someone with psychic abilities may tell you details about your life, including things you have never told anyone.

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Watch the person's countenance. Some psychics are able to see things that other people can't see, like auras or spirits. A psychic who can see your aura may seem to be looking past you sometimes. One who can see spirits may sometimes gaze intently at a seemingly uninteresting area of the room.

Listen to the information you are given. Some psychics are able to communicate with spirits and can pass on messages from departed loved ones. Psychics who can do this affirm that spirits will usually say characteristic things so that their living relatives will know who they are.

Have some of your belongings close by. Some psychics can get information about you by holding something that belongs to you, like a watch. This is called psychometry.

Try a tarot card reading. A psychic can give you a reading using tarot cards. The reading will usually include details about events in your past, present and future.

Be attentive. Psychics seem to know what's about to happen right before it does, and can often predict the future. For example, they may know that they are about to receive a call and whom the call is from, right before the phone rings.

Watch for other psychic signs. Other psychic skills include the ability to "see" any health problems in the body, the ability to see what is happening in a different location (called "remote viewing") and the ability to "channel" a departed loved one.

Read "Diary of a Psychic" by Sonia Choquette to learn more about people with psychic abilities (see Resources below).


Take notes during a psychic reading. If you receive information that does not sound familiar to you, you may be able to make sense of it when you review the notes later on. These notes will also help to refresh your memory of the psychic reading.


Be wary of a psychic who asks you a lot of questions during a reading. A genuine psychic will not need your help and will usually ask you to refrain from giving information during the reading.

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