Preparing to take the CPA exam can be an overwhelming and somewhat confusing task, even if solving problems is your forte. However, in addition to your schooling, passing the CPA exam is essential to jump starting your career as an accountant or tax specialist. Whether you are scheduling the CPA for the first time or rescheduling the exam because you can't make your test date or time, make sure to review key information about rescheduling beforehand.

CPA Fast Facts and Benefits

If you're wondering how you can reschedule the CPA exam, then there's a good chance you already know what to expect for the test. But if you need to get reacquainted, the CPA exam, which stands for Certified Public Accounting exam, is comprised of four sections:

  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  • Regulation (REG)

You must pass all four sections within 18 months, earning a minimum score of 75 points on each section in order to become licensed as a U.S. Certified Public Accountant. In spite of the time, energy and challenges associated with becoming certified, having a CPA license is proven to help candidates have an advantage in the job market due to their overall professional credibility.

How to Register for the Prometric CPA Exam?

Before registering to take the exam itself, make sure you are eligible to take it. Each state has their own requirements, but, in general, all states require test-takers to have or be the following:

  • In most cases, U.S. citizenship
  • A Social Security number
  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year school
  • Some states require that your degree was in business or accounting
  • 18 years old

After you've made sure that you've met these requirements, you must apply for approval from your state board. Once you do that, you will receive your ATT (Authorization to Test Notice) and ID number. Once you have received approval, register for the exam directly through the Prometric website and select the date and test center nearest you. Then, you will receive your NTS (Notice to Show) which is good for six months.

CPA Exam Centers and Schedule

The CPA exam is available to take four times per year, and you should, therefore, plan your test dates ahead of time, so you can have ample time to study and prepare. Test dates fall within four test date windows, and you can take any number of sections from the test during that time frame. Some students may choose to take their time with the test, others may prefer to get it all done at once. Regardless of what you choose, be aware of the four different test windows:

  • January 1 to March 10
  • April 1 to June 10
  • July 1 to September 10
  • October 1 to December 10

It's important to schedule the exam three to four weeks before your preferred date, as testing sites can fill up quickly. Once you receive your ATT (Authorization to Test) you will have six months to schedule your exam without losing your initial registration fees. If you don't take all the sections in that time, then you will have to re-apply.

CPA Exam Costs

Just to apply to the state board to be able to take the CPA exam, you will have to pay anywhere between $50 and $200. Next, depending on your state, you will have to decide how many sections you want to take during each test window, which can cost anywhere from $63 for one section to $177 for all four sections. Then, each section itself is abut $193.45. Some states also require their accountants to take an ethics exam, which can also cost as must as $200.

How to Reschedule the CPA Exam?

Unfortunately, things sometimes come up unexpectedly, and you may have to reschedule the date or the time of your CPA exam. Maybe there's a family emergency, or you're simply not as prepared as you thought you'd be, and you'd like more time to study.

Thankfully, rescheduling the CPA exam is easy and can also be done directly through the Prometric website:

  1. Select "Reschedule/Cancel My Test" on the home page
  2. Select your country and state
  3. Put in your confirmation/tracking ID and the first four letters of your last name
  4. Follow the instructions to choose another date to take the test
  5. Submit your changes

If you do need to reschedule your CPA exam, keep in mind that you must do it two full business days before the date of the test or you won't be able to cancel at all. You can also reschedule by calling (877) 311-2525.

How Much Does It Cost to Reschedule the CPA Exam?

While rescheduling the exam itself is rather easy, it will cost you. It's a good idea to be mindful of these costs so you can save as much money as you can when you reschedule. To save money or avoid paying any fees, reschedule as early as possible:

  • 30 or more days before: Free
  • Five to 30 days before: $35
  • One to four days before: Full exam fees

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