The actual time it takes for plastic to degrade is unknown, but scientists think the material may remain in landfills for centuries, according to Not only can plastic remain in landfills for centuries, incinerating it contributes to greenhouse gases and may release harmful chemicals over time. People are familiar with recycling common items such as plastic bottles, but not always sure how to recycle less common items such as plastic safety glasses.

Three arrows drawn to convey movement form the universal symbol indicating an object is recyclable.
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Check the goggles for a recycle symbol. If you see the three arrows moving in a triangle, the universal symbol for recyclable material, you may place the item in a recycle bin. They will be taken to a recycling plant.

Contact the manufacturer to see if it offers a recycling program. Some manufacturers offer service and repair to industrial clients for all safety materials. These organizations may have programs that take old safety goggles and refurbish or recycle them.

Contact a non-profit organization or a business that recycles eyewear to see if safety glasses and goggles are acceptable items for recycling.

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