Metal fabrication is a highly sought-after trade in a number of industries. As with many specific trades, metal fabrication takes time; and to learn the methods of working with metal, adequate training through colleges and apprenticeships are necessary. If you are looking for a career in metal fabrication, it is necessary to learn the proper techniques to prepare properly for a job in the metal fabrication field.

Step 1

Apply to local technical schools, trade schools or colleges that offer certificates in metal fabrication or an associate’s degree in applied sciences. These classes will teach you the basics in reading sheet metal blue prints and other schematics in the field, as well as the art of welding many different metals.

Step 2

Apply for apprenticeships in the metal fabrication field. Contact local welding shops to see if they are looking for apprentices. Get in touch with your local technical college and find out what it takes to get certified or how to take a certification test.

Step 3

Contact local welding shops or metal fabrication shops and ask if they offer on-the-job training. Metal fabrication shops can include automobile repair shops, cargo trailer producers and metal roofing companies. Showing the willingness to learn a new trait is sometimes all it takes to get a job.

Step 4

Purchase your own welding and metal fabrication tools and teach yourself. Practice with different metals and different forms of welding.

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