Want a higher GT score? There are simple and effective ways to raise your GT score. In this article I will give tips and resources to help raise your GT score.

What is a your GT score? The GT or General Technical knowledge score rates you on verbal competency as well as Arithmetic. By studying in these two subjects you can improve your overall GT score. I would first recommend visiting your local book store. There are several ASVAB and other military test preparation books out there. Remember to concentrate on the verbal and arithmetic section to improve your GT.

There are also several resources available online. Here are some pages to take a look at. http://www.goarmy.com/util/asvab.htm http://www.petersons.com/army/testprep.asp http://www.march2success.com http://www.carlisle.army.mil/edctr/ALC.htm

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Military.com has several resources to improve your test scores as well. The key is to study. Most of the tested information is not above a high school level. However it is not necessarily something that is common knowledge either. Take the time to prepare yourself for the test. If you do bad the first time in a specific area be sure to study that subject more before retesting. Make sure you emphasize the verbal and arithmetic sections of your study guide. That is what your GT score is based upon.


Get test preparation books these are VERY helpful. Use online resources for subject your weak in. Study with a friend, have them test you.

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