How to Prepare for a College Scholarship Interview. Applying for college scholarships takes organization and preparation. Once the process of evaluating your scholarship application is done, you may get called in for an interview. The interview is extremely important because the scholarship board determines how much you deserve a scholarship. How well you prepare for the interview determines your success when meeting with the scholarship board.

Research important aspects of what you plan on majoring in during college. Find out how well this field is growing and what you can offer once you graduate. Interviewers want reasons for why you are choosing a specific field of study.

Write down why you deserve a college scholarship. List your positive attributes and contributions and practice talking about them with a friend or family member.

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Know your personal philosophies and beliefs. College scholarship interview panels want proof of dedication to your field of study by checking that you've given some thought to your future major.

Prepare for questions about your financial standing if interviewing for a need-based scholarship. These questions may seem embarrassing, but the interview panel needs proof that you do need financial help for college.

Gather and organize all necessary material you plan on bringing to the interview. The scholarship board may tell you what they want but if they don't, then bring along a portfolio, extra recommendations and a resume if you have one.

Review answers to basic questions the night before your interview. Make sure that your answers show why you deserve a college scholarship.

Dress for success by planning your outfit the night before. Don't wear anything trendy or sloppy. Men should stick with dress pants, dress shirt and tie, while women should choose a dress or pant suit.

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