Dance provides both an artistic and physical challenge to those in the field. As with other subjects, dance can be costly to study, particularly if you want to study in competitive cities such as New York. You do not need to give up your dream of being a dancer simply because you cannot afford to study. Scholarships are awarded every year that turn dance dreams into reality. Of course, you have to successfully apply for these scholarships and convince the scholarship committee you're worthy of the funding.

Improve or maintain your high school grades. Many scholarships are based as much on academic performance as on dance ability.

Look for scholarships from colleges, corporations and foundations. You can find these on the organizations' websites, on the CollegeScholarships website, in organization brochures or in publications such as Dance Magazine. Create a list of the scholarships you are most likely to receive based on the organization's selection criteria.

Dance as much as you can in local productions and take dance classes at professional studios.

Update your resume to reflect your courses and dance experience.

Create a dance audition video. Include multiple routines, unless the scholarship organization indicates in its guidelines that you may include only one.

Get letters of recommendation from professionals in the dance industry, such as your course instructors or previous directors.

Learn about the organizations providing the scholarships for which you wish to apply. Use this information to tailor your application cover letter and personal statement, as well as to prepare for scholarship interviews (if applicable).

Contact the scholarship offices and request an application.

Fill out your dance scholarship applications and mail them – along with your audition video, if required – to the scholarship offices. Schedule and attend your scholarship interviews or auditions as requested by the offices.

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