College educations are becoming increasingly expensive. College scholarships can relieve some of the fiancial burden for the college student and their families. Here are some resources on how to find college scholarships.

How to Find College Scholarships

Contact the financial director at the college you are planning on attending. There are scholarships the college has available to it's enrolled students. A scholarship is different than a grant due to certain requirements the scholarship committee may have issued. This can include maintaining a certain grade point average, full time enrollment, and other criteria.

Check with your state college board. Many times there is scholarship funding available for college students at the state level.

Examine your family work history or other affiliations. Certain companies offer college scholarships for the employees and their families. Scholarships are available for many students who have had family members in the military or other organizations.

Apply for every college scholarship you qualify for. Many college scholarships are left unawarded due to the lack of applications.

Check the Internet and local library for websites and books on college scholarships. There are many unknown scholarships available. For instance, there is a college scholarship for left-handed people. A certain hair coloring manufacturer offers a scholarship to red-headed people. Religious organizations offer college scholarships for members and their families.


Always read the submission guidelines before applying for a college scholarship. Check submission dates when applying for a college scholarship.


A college scholarship may be renewable each year if all criteria has been met. In order to have the college scholarship renewed it is important to maintain the level of achievement the scholarship committee is requiring. Failure to do so may result in a loss of the college scholarship.

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