Student loans can seem overwhelming especially after you graduate and begin job hunting. Your loan has to be paid back. It is possible to have most, if not all of your student loans forgiven in a couple of years with the right career choice. It may not be the highest paid job you can find, but it will give you some financial freedom as it pays away your debt.

Teach in a low-income area for five years. You can also teach in a state where there is a shortage of teachers, and teach special education, math, science or foreign languages.

Work as a full-time nurse or doctor in a place where there is a shortage of nursing care. If you do this for two years you can get 60 percent of your student loan forgiven. If you work for three years, you may qualify for an extra 25 percent student loan forgiveness. There are some hospitals or states that offer total loan forgiveness if you work in specific healthcare areas. These will vary depending on the state or hospital you work in.

Work for the government for 10 years in one of its public service positions. After you have made at least 120 consecutive payments on your student loan, you may then be eligible to have your federal loans repaid, but you must be employed for 10 years. There are many different jobs to choose from, such as a firefighter, social worker, librarian or lawyer.

Join the National Guard while you are in college for total loan forgiveness. You can also join after you graduate college, but it will only pay $20,000.

Volunteer in the Peace Corps, Americorps or Volunteers in Service to America. The amounts that these services forgive each year for student loans varies. For those who join the Peace Corps, 15 percent of your Perkins loans for the first two years will be paid. If you serve three to four years, it will pay 20 percent of your student loans, for a total of 70 percent student loan forgiveness after four years of service. Americorps or Volunteers in Service to America will pay $4,725 for one year of service.

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