The Wilson Reading System (WRS) is a highly structured multi-sensory language program based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading. Orton-Gillingham reinforces learning by having the student listen, speak, read and write simultaneously. The Wilson Reading System has been shown to be effective with students who have language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. The program has also been successful with students who have word-level deficits that affect their reading level. WRS utilizes four levels of program models: prevention, early intervention, intervention and intensive.

WRS Level I Certification

Attend the Wilson Reading System introductory workshop. Enroll and complete the WRS word study online course. There are six steps to the course with approximately 90 hours of instruction.

Write and implement a minimum of 60 lessons of instructions for a one-on-one practicum with a student who has been approved by a Wilson trainer. The student must be entering grades 4 through 12, have a minimum IQ of 80, with reading ranked in the 30 percentile or below, and listening comprehension ability higher than independent reading comprehension. The student should also have poor decoding and spelling skills. Each lesson must have an individual lesson plan written out.

Schedule five teacher/student observations with a Wilson trainer. Each session should be approximately one-hour long. Prepare a pretesting report with educational history and current test results of the practicum student.

Develop a teacher's notebook, student notebook, and all student's written work utilizing the Wilson Language Training standards.

Demonstrate complete comprehension of lesson plan procedures and comprehension of language concepts through accurate teaching with multi-sensory procedures. Also demonstrate practicum student's success of decoding/encoding skills.

Administer a post test to the practicum student after a minimum of 60 lessons. Submission of test results and report to Wilson trainer is also required.


Participants have 15 months to complete the program in order to be certified. If the program has not been completed after 15 months, another 15-month extension can be granted for an additional fee. If the program is not completed within 30 months, the participant will be required to re-enroll at the current tuition rate.

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