High school graduation is one of the major milestones a child will accomplish in her life, and it's something worth celebrating. To honor a high school graduate, many parents write a tribute to be included in the yearbook or in other celebrations such as the senior class slideshow or photo montage. These can take many forms, so there are numerous ways parents can create their tribute to honor the personality and individual accomplishments of their child.

Words to the Wise

One of the most common ways to include a tribute to your high school graduate is a written passage. Many parents write how proud they are of their child and what a joy it's been watching them get to this point in their life, but these are far from your only options. Focus on your child's career pursuits in your written message. If your child is a budding chef, write a recipe for success, such as 1 cup hard work, 1 cup dedication and 1/2 cup enthusiasm. If your teen wants to be a guitarist in a band, add a sentence such as "Keep on strumming," or if she wants to be an actress, add something such as "Break a leg!" An acrostic poem spelling out your child's name with a word of wisdom or memory for each letter is another clever idea.

Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words

Add a photo from some point in your child's life to the page. Get even more creative by including a few snapshots for your child's accomplishments such as winning the fourth grade spelling bee or being inducted into the National Honor Society. Use game photos of a sport she enjoyed or use snapshots of him performing in the class play. Make the pictures mean even more by using a photo editing software program to add clipart of your child's interests, such as adding an image of a test tube in your child's hand if he's interested in chemistry, or a helmet on your child's head if he dreams of being a firefighter. A photo collage that includes your teen's school picture for each year from preschool through twelfth grade is another memorable option.

Make it Memorable

Make your tribute more of a list to put a spin on the page. Include one example of an accomplishment your child made for each year of school from preschool to being a senior in high school. For example, you might include a line about her learning to read, giving her first speech or a memory from her favorite field trip. Include a small photo of each accomplishment next to the writing. Include a line of encouragement from your child's favorite teacher, coach or best friend. Have each member of the family write a note or draw a picture to include on the memory page. Write a short survey for your teen to fill out and include the results as part of the tribute. Ask such questions as what her favorite school memory is or what she wants to be when she grows up.

Look to the Future

If your child has already chosen and been accepted to college, include the words to the fight song or school song for that college. Write a short summary of where you envision your child being in five, 10 or 20 years and include it as part of your tribute. Ask your child to tell you where she sees herself down the road and include that alongside your predictions.

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