U.S. Navy Sea, Air, Land teams are among the most prestigious special forces in the world. Each year, many recruits apply for this elite team, but only a few are selected. To qualify as a SEAL, recruits must successfully pass a two-year, rigorous training program that tests the physical, mental and emotional endurance of the prospective candidate. SEALs are highly trained and skilled in the art of unconventional warfare and conducting covert operations from sea, air and land.

Physical Education

Becoming a Navy SEAL requires you to be in the highest state of physical fitness. While in high school, you should take as many physical education classes as possible. Also, you should try out for the more physically demanding sports, such as football, basketball, track and swimming, to enhance your cardiovascular system. If organized sports aren’t to your liking, then work with your gym teachers to develop a year-around fitness program that focuses on endurance and physical strength.

Advanced English Courses

Having a strong knowledge and application of the English language, both orally and in writing, is essential to becoming a Navy SEAL. Take advantage of courses such as English composition and American literature because they will help you increase your vocabulary and writing skills. Contact your guidance counselor to see if your high school offers additional English courses that focus on advanced reading, writing and public speaking.

Foreign Language

As a Navy SEAL, your assignments may take you all over the world. Learning how to speak fluently in other languages may make the difference between your SEAL team members becoming home town heroes or casualties of war. Most high schools offer foreign language courses. You should take as many foreign language courses as your high school offers and strive to become proficient in them. Although learning to speak foreign languages isn’t a requirement to become a Navy SEAL, it certainly is a valuable resource for your team and may help you gain entry to this corps.

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

If you’re contemplating a career as a Navy SEAL, enrolling in your high school’s JROTC Program is a great place to start. JROTC programs are taught by retired military officers and enlisted men and women whose primary job is to instill leadership, confidence and teamwork in its cadets. Most JROTCs have elements of marksmanship, military drill and physical fitness built into the curriculum, which is an added benefit to the aspiring Navy SEAL. If your high school has a Navy JROTC, chances are good that your instructors can tell you more about what it takes to be accepted into the Navy SEAL program.

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