The United States Coast Guard is a maritime military force providing security and protection of natural resources and citizens. The Coast Guard Academy is an elite training ground providing instruction leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in a variety of technical and leadership based programs. Admission to the academy is highly selective requiring prospective students to be prepared with college preparatory courses and a well-rounded resume of extra-curricular activities and service.


Developing a strong foundation in English language arts will help you foster the oral and written skills needed to succeed in the academy. Be sure to complete at least four years of English while in high school. Advanced placement, honors or international baccalaureate courses in English literature and composition will better prepare you for the rigor of college level coursework. Consider taking additional courses in public speaking, research or creative writing to enhance your communication skills.


All academy students are required to complete courses in science and engineering while pursuing their bachelor’s degree regardless of their major concentration. Prepare yourself by taking four years of science including chemistry and physics. The Coast Guard conducts activities both in the air and at sea to protect the environment. Additional coursework in biology and earth science will provide a foundation for understanding environmental concerns.


Over 75 percent of academy students pursue a technical major in science, engineering or mathematics. Mathematics provides a basis for study in all technical subjects. Prepare for the rigorous level of study by studying algebra, geometry and pre-calculus while still in high school. In addition, courses in statistics and trigonometry will prepare you for studies in engineering and science. These courses will also prepare you for achieving the high scores on the SAT and ACT standardized admissions tests required for academy admission.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Coast Guard Academy expects its members to be well-rounded individuals. In addition to pursuing appropriate coursework, be sure to participate in extracurricular activities that enhance your leadership skills. Scouting programs, civil air patrol and the junior reserve officers training corps are excellent programs providing opportunities for building teamwork skills. Volunteering, participating in sports and keeping a part-time job will help you develop skills in problem solving, communication and leadership.

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