School assemblies instill a sense of unity and school spirit for high school students. School assemblies often revolve around sporting events or achievements in other areas of education. Homecoming, prom and other school events also prompt assemblies. These school celebrations might serve as the culmination of a week of school spirit activities. Regardless of the purpose, school assemblies should provide all high school students a sense of inclusion.


Skits allow staff and students to collaborate on an entertaining option for a school assembly. They offer flexibility in subject matter, allowing the performance to be customized to fit the purpose and tone of the high school assembly. Skit options include a purely humorous performance, a showcase of a recent school event or a performance that subtly addresses a problem amongst the student body. Students enjoy seeing teachers in a less serious role, which adds appeal to the skit option at assemblies.


A challenge, either knowledge-based or physical, pits students against each other in a friendly competition. Due to time and space constraints, the challenge probably will need to be limited to select students or involve staff members instead. Ideas for a challenge-style assembly include an obstacle course, a game show involving trivia or a relay race that requires participants to put on funny costumes. Events that require audience participation or provide natural entertainment for the audience make all of the students feel included. Avoid activities that only provide entertainment for the actual participants.

Talent Show

Talent shows highlight the participants in an entertaining light. An established system to handle entries to the talent show helps limit the size of the show. The talent show may be a teachers-only show, or it may involve student talent entries. The participants in the show depend on the amount of time and preference of the talent show organizer. The talent show may highlight actual talent or take on a humorous tone, with participants performing exaggerated songs or acts to elicit laughter.

Event Celebration

High school assemblies allow the student body and staff to celebrate upcoming or recent events. Events worth celebrating with a school assembly vary depending on the school. Typical achievements that may be celebrated include a sports victory, homecoming, graduation or an academic award offered to the school. These assemblies typically last shorter periods of time and offer congratulations to the participants and the general student body.


A special speaker presents another opportunity for a school assembly. Professional speakers provide their services on a variety of topics, from motivation to drug prevention. The subject of a professional speaker depends on the needs of the student population. This type of assembly lasts longer than usual, with the actual length of time being determined by the speaker's program.

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