The following steps will provide you with everything you need to know about where and how to find free printable handwriting worksheets for kids.

Free Wandwriting Worksheets Online

Log on to your internet browser and access a website or websites that offer free handwriting worksheets. For your convenience I have included a few such websites in my resources section below. These websites offer thousands of printable handwriting works for free.

Use Google Images

Go to Google Images ( and type in "handwriting worksheets". Your search will retrieve thousands of results for professionally made handwriting worksheets.

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Browse through the handwriting worksheets. Upon selecting a worksheet(s), simply save it to your computer and print it up.

Create Your Own

Making your own handwriting practice sheets online is actually quite simple. Log on to a website such as (direct link in resources section below).

Once you are on the website, find the box that says "find a worksheet or make your own". Select whether you want the one-word wizard or the multi-word wizard.

Enter the words you would like to be displayed on your handwriting worksheet. Select which options you would like to customize your worksheet with i.e font size, line patterns, etc . Press "preview or finish". Your handwriting worksheet is now ready to print!

Things Needed

  • Internet

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