Employers frequently test job applicants by giving them a writing selection with various grammatical errors to correct. The test may contain paragraphs, sentences or phrases for job candidates to add punctuation marks, to correct capitalization and to use correct words to fill in blanks of a writing selection. Multiple choice tests are also administered to job candidates. Free grammar employment test tutorials that will help job candidates perform better on the tests can be easily adapted from various grammar websites on the Internet.

Navigate to the free grammar tutorial of the E Resource Center of the City University of New York website. Click on each of the eight links for the tutorial. The links are Verb Forms, Verb Tense, Final S's, Agreement, Word Forms, Sentence Structure, Sentence Combining and Assorted Exercises. Do the exercises after you click on the link to help you study for the grammar employment test. For example, after clicking on the Verb Forms link, the directions ask you to roll over items in exercises that contain error descriptions When you do, an example of the error is shown in red in the text selection below. After you have read the error, you can click on the link for it for a tutorial where you correct more of those types of verb form errors.

Navigate to the Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab Grammar website. Click on each of the fifteen links listed in the tutorial to study for the grammar employment test. The links are Spelling; Numbers; Adjective or Adverb; How to Use Adjectives and Adverbs, etc... For example, the first link is Spelling. Click on it. Study the list of commonly confused words, words like "except" and "accept" and "than" and "then."

Navigate to the ODL grammar tutorial webpage. Click on each of the links listed. The links include Plural; Articles; Adjectives and Adverbs; Passive, etc...For example, the first link is Plural. Click on it. Click on "Tutorial." A Microsoft Word document will be downloaded onto your computer. Read it, then go back to the website and do the exercises for the items listed.

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