ITT Technical Institute provides students with an education in computers, graphic design, health services and criminal justice. Students at ITT Tech have the ability to access their course information and grades online on their own student portal. In order for students to find their grades in the student portal they need their log-in information, which is supplied prior to registering for their first class. Once a student is in their ITT Tech student portal, they have the ability to find their grades.

Visit ITT Tech's official website and click on "Admissions" on the left side of the page. Continue by clicking on "Student Services" on the far right, under the online student's tab. This will take you to another page, where you will click on the link for their virtual library on the bottom of the page. The ITT Tech virtual library will take you to the ITT Tech Student Portal link.

Click on the ITT Tech Student Portal link on the page. Once clicked, you will be taken to another page.

Indicate that you are a student on the right hand side of the page. Also indicate whether the computer you are using is a shared computer or a private one. Determining the status of your computer helps the website keep your student information and network settings safe.

Log into the ITT Tech Student Portal by typing in your "Network Login" in the space provided and the password in the space provided. When you first enrolled into the school you were given a log-in name and password; this information will give you access to you student portal.

Search for your grades within the ITT Tech Student Portal. You can search by semester or by your current or past courses.

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