Founded in 1923, Yale University School of Nursing continues to educate and prepare nurses as highly skilled professionals. If you are considering this educational route, you will be required to submit your grades with the rest of your application packet for consideration. Your acceptance to Yale School of Nursing gets you one step closer to reaching your educational and professional goals.

Grade Point Average Requirements

Yale University School of Nursing does not state a required minimum grade point average to be accepted. However, you must send all of your high school and college transcripts and your GRE scores to the admissions office for evaluation. Grades are just one component of your application and are not the only deciding factor.

College Facts and Stats about Yale University

Registered Nurse Tips

If you are a registered nurse and want to apply, Yale recommends completing one year of professional work prior to entering their graduate program. When you are a RN working on a Master of Science in Nursing at Yale, you will be required to complete a minimum of 40 credit hours to be eligible for the degree.

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