The Oregon State University acceptance rate is relatively light in its competitive level. Hovering at a little less than 80 percent, the admissions office basically approves 78 out of 100 students who apply to attend Oregon State University. However, when hoping to gain acceptance into Oregon State University, there are a few things to know before sending off your application.


The minimum grade point average required for acceptance to Oregon State University is 3.0.

Oregon State GPA Requirements

While the acceptance rate is high, so is the Oregon State GPA requirement when compared to some other universities, community colleges or trade schools. The minimum required GPA is 3.0, and the average GPA for students enrolled in the university is 3.58.

College Facts and Stats about Oregon State University

If you are an average student with a generous mix of A's and B’s and the occasional C popping up, then the chance of your gaining admission to OSU is still fairly good. However, if your GPA isn’t up to speed, there are a few ways to compensate that will easily grab the attention of the admissions officers. Any AP or IB classes that you took and did well in should be pointed out to the admissions office if they aren’t already apparent on the application. This shows the admissions officer that you can handle college-level courses and boosts your weighted GPA from its lower number that includes the mediocre grades. Another way to compensate for a sagging GPA is with solid SAT or ACT scores. The higher these scores are, the less important role the GPA plays.

SAT and ACT Requirements for OSU

One area in which OSU admission requirements are much more competitive is in the SAT score. While the composite score minimum is not a hard cutoff, the SAT scores are important.

The SAT and ACT give the admissions officer a clearer picture of what you are capable of and what you can contribute in the long run to the student body of the university. Oregon State University has an average SAT score composite of 1186 on the 1600 SAT scale. This changed from the former average test score of 1636 for the higher-score SAT test of 2400.

A 1050 SAT score is below the standard for acceptance to Oregon State University. A score of 1300 or higher places you above average. Shoot for 1200, and you will be within the area of acceptance. SAT scores should be at the 29th percentile at the least. Remember that these are the new requirements. Oregon State University allows you to send in the score from the single highest test date if you take the SAT more than once. This is a good idea for struggling students.

A good ACT score can lift your chances if you already meet the other requirements to gain acceptance to Oregon State University. Like the SAT, the school only looks at the highest-scored ACT test you took rather than all of them. This means that no matter how many times you take the ACT, you only have to send in your very best score. The average ACT score at Oregon State is 25, and you may have a harder time gaining acceptance with a score of 22 or below.

Tips and Tricks to Admissions

The writing section is key to admission to Oregon State University. Online admissions calculators can help you know if you need to retake a test or where you may need to boost your application. Apply to a few different schools. If your application was denied or put on a waiting list due to low test scores or a low GPA, the work you do at a community college or state institution can help you to gain entrance the following semester or year.

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