Not everybody is able to complete high school. Earning a traditional diploma is out reach for some people for various reasons. Perhaps an unplanned pregnancy stood in your way, or perhaps you simply had another emergency. Many have gained useful knowledge from life experiences, and that can mesh with the internationally recognized General Education Development (GED) test. If you are a citizen of Canada and wish to take the GED, follow the instructions below.

Locate a testing facility. There are approximately 12 provinces in Canada that have GED programs. Determine which office is more convenient for you. Call or visit the website to register for classes and the test.

Study very hard. Thoroughly work through every problem that you struggle with, and review what you already know.

Determine your readiness. Log onto the appropriate GED website, and take a practice test. If you believe that you would benefit from test preparation, use the practice tools online. You can even register for preparation classes.

Complete registration. You may register to take the test via the Internet or in your local GED office. If you have a documented disability and are allowed accommodations such as extended time and/or specific physical needs, be sure to let the agency know at this time.

Pay your fees. See the website under the Resources section for a list of current fees. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, Master Card and money orders. Personal checks are not accepted. Your application and fee must be received at least two weeks prior to your desired test date. Note, test fees are non-refundable.

Successfully pass the test. Arrive at the testing center at least a half hour before testing begins. A good night's rest and a healthy breakfast is helpful. Read each question carefully and select the single best answer.

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