Passing the General Educational Development (GED) tests is an essential step many adults take to put their lives back on track after dropping out of high school. The GED is actually a series of tests that must be studied for and passed before an individual can be certified.

Contact your local school district. Many school districts have adult education classes available. The GED preparation classes are commonly taught by teachers or former teachers.

Take a pre-test for GED study at the local education offices or adult literacy volunteer organization. Medium to large sized cities have numerous organizations involved in study for the GED tests.

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Sign up for a GED test study class. The tests can be studied on your own, but it is more effective to have a teacher, especially if you have been out of school for quite some time.

Practice taking the tests by going over the dozens of free sample tests available. Taking the test is not free--study to save money and time.

Take a test at one of the thousands of GED Testing Centers. These centers certify that the test results are valid and the result can be used nationwide.

Score a minimum of 410 points on each test with a minimum of 450 overall to receive the certificate of completion. GED students must score higher than 40 percent of high school students to graduate.

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