College for many students is very challenging and time consuming. Though you're in classes similar to high school the study is more rigorous. During a student's time in college there are basic living expenses that must be covered along with paying tuition, room and board. Each student faces different circumstances but there are quite a few ways to find the funds to pay the bills in college.

Armed forces

Joining the militate usually offers several ways to help pay for you to go to college after your service or when you're not on active duty. The Air National Guard and other Guard services will pay for you to go to school and only take a weekend a month and two weeks a year of your time after boot camp. You may get deployed however and have to put college on hold.

Work Study

You can get a job working on campus as part of a federal work study program. The job can provide money to help pay all of your other bills while going to school. You have to fill out a free federal financial aid packet called a FAFSA and check that you are willing to do work study.


It isn't recommended for parents to take out loans to pay for college, especially if they can't afford one because they risk their retirement income. Parents can help out however with some expenses. Parents can provide low cost housing, let the student borrow the car and other measures to help cut costs. Commuting from home can save a lot of money.


There are a lot of choices for student workers. There are summer jobs or part time jobs that are geared just towards students. A lot of the part time staff on most college campuses are comprised of students. Additionally, there are companies that look specifically for college help because they can hire for a relatively low wage. While you may not want to work fast food, there are jobs as student painters, cashiers and waiter and host jobs that may fit your skills at a reasonable pay.

Financial Aid

Filling out the free FAFSA form is the first step to qualifying for need based financial aid. After this you must visit your colleges financial aid office. They can tell you what kind of aid you qualify for such as Pell grants, student loans and scholarships. Scholarships can be need based or academic based and can come from a wide variety of sources.

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