Freestyle writing revolves around the belief that being able to get words down on paper is a central step in the writing process. Understanding exactly what freestyle writing is and how it may affect your writing highlights its important role in writing.


Freestyle writing is a form of writing that requires you to write your thoughts and feelings about a specific topic down on a piece of paper for a certain length of time without stopping.

Time Frame

You can do freestyle writing for any length of time; however, for it to be most effective, you should set a timer to help keep yourself focused on your writing and not constantly looking at the clock or your watch.


Freestyle writing allows you to experience success in writing. Writing can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re not used to doing it or if you’re experiencing writer’s block. Freestyle writing helps you stop stressing over writing by doing it.


When you first try freestyle writing, concentrate on just getting your random thoughts down on paper. After you’re familiar with the process, you can assign yourself specific topics to write on during your freestyle writing.


According to Nancy Macciomei, author of "Behavioral Management in the Public Schools," freestyle writing is a powerful tool that can help promote effective classroom management by allowing students to express themselves in a way other than acting out in a classroom.

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