A forklift is a motorized lift truck that carries and transports materials of varying sizes and weights. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), around 20,000 cases of injuries and nearly 100 deaths from forklift-related accidents happen every year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released regulatory standards and guidelines for equipment operation.

Forklift University, Inc.

Forklift University (FU) is a certification school for the use of operational industrial trucks, particularly forklifts. The school offers facilities where trainees are taught basic operational theories for the equipment and given hands-on training. FU also provides on-site training classes for companies who request services done within their areas. Online modules are also available through the institution’s website.

Forklift University holds the 2009 Best of North Las Vegas Award in job training and related services by the U.S. Commerce Association.

Forklift University 4230 N. Pecos Road

7 Las Vegas, NV 89115

702-765-0239 forkliftuniversity.com

Fox Valley Forklift, Inc.

With more than 30 years in service, Fox Valley Forklift is an institution for providing forklift-related needs like training education. This company offers a safety training program that caters to both companies and individual operators. It also provides safety modules on a ‘training for trainers’ system. In this scheme, trained operators are given the certification to provide training and refresher courses to others.

Fox Valley Forklift 2851 Dukane Drive St. Charles, IL 60174 630-513-7300 foxvalleyforklift.com

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Crown Equipment Corporation

Crown Equipment Corporation offers two special programs dedicated for powered operational trucks like forklifts. The first program is the Operator Training Program where aspiring operators are taught the basics of driving forklifts, utility and improvement of truck and operator productivity. A special module on the safety standards created by OSHA is particularly helpful to forklift managers and supervisors. The second program is the Service Training Program which provides technicians with the know-how of maintaining and repairing forklifts.

Crown Equipment Corporation 4 South Washington Street New Bremen, OH 45869 419-629-2311 crown.com

Toyota Material Handling, USA, Inc.

Toyota Material Handling, USA, Inc. offers classroom lectures, hands-on exercises and evaluation following a comprehensive training program on operations and safety regulations. The modules contain a broad set of forklift-related topics like personal and equipment protection and handling, OSHA standards and guidelines, hazards and common accidents.

Toyota Material Handling 1 Park Plaza Irvine, CA 92614 800-226-0009 toyotaforklift.com

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