Homeschooling has become increasingly more popular across the nation. Every state has different rules and regulations for homeschooling. Florida homeschooling requirements allow for parents to keep their kids at home and school them in a controlled environment. The requirements are very relaxed. Florida has no education requirement for the parent or person responsible for homeschooling, and the parent is not required to have a Florida teaching certificate.

Notification Requirements

The parent or person teaching the homeschooling to the children must notify the superintendent of that county’s school system in writing. The notification must include information regarding all children being homeschooled. The information required is name, address, birth date and parent name of any children being homeschooled. The parent responsible for homeschool must sign the written notice. The superintendent’s office must receive written notice by 30 days after the parent sets up the homeschooling program.

Education Log

Florida homeschooling requirements state the parent teaching the homeschooling program must keep a log of all educational activities and any reading materials used in the curriculum. Also referred to as a portfolio, the parent must keep the portfolio for up to two years and include in it any writing, creative materials or worksheets completed by the child. If chosen to review, the superintendent’s office will give the parent 15 days notice.


Homeschooled children must be evaluated yearly to determine if the level of study is appropriate to the age group of the child. Parents can choose from different evaluation techniques. These include any nationally normed student achievement test, state student assessment test or a teacher can review the educational progress of the student by looking at the evaluation. The superintendent will review the results of the evaluation.

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