Assessments of Applied Mathematics measure your ability to use mathematical concepts and calculations along with critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. These assessments may help to determine your academic needs or progress, to make vocational decisions based on your abilities, or to demonstrate to potential employers your ability to use mathematical reasoning. Although you cannot memorize facts for these tests, many publishers provide practice tests to familiarize you with the types of questions you may encounter and to point out skills that you need to improve before taking the official assessment.

Work Keys

ACT Inc. states that the assessment of Applied Mathematics included in its Work Keys series measures mathematical reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills typically found in work settings. When taking this test, you must identify pertinent information and disregard extraneous data in test items in order to set up and complete problem-solving calculations. As with many assessments of applied mathematics, a reference sheet of needed formulas and conversion tables are provided for your use during the assessment. You may also use your calculator to complete this test.

Test for Adult Basic Education

ABEFlorida identifies the Test for Adult Basic Education as the most often used assessment tool for adult learners. This may be due to the individualized diagnostic profile that can identify your areas of mastery and nonmastery; those results allow for ease of instructional planning. McGraw Hill, publishers of the TABE, report that the battery includes a 50-item subtest of Applied Mathematics, which is administered in a 50-minute testing session. As with many standardized assessments, a variety of independent companies offer study guides and flashcard systems to help you prepare for the TABE.

American College Testing

ACT states that the American College Testing battery is a standardized measure of high school achievement and college readiness. The mathematics section of the ACT contains 60 items, ranging in difficulty from pre-algebra to elementary trigonometry concepts, and must be completed in 1 hour. The ACT's developers offer a variety of test preparation tools for the entire battery, including a free test guide with full-length sample tests and scoring keys, free online sample test questions, a regularly updated question of the day and an online preparation program.

GA Work Ready Assessment

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, you must complete the GA Work Ready Assessment before submitting your application for a variety of state law enforcement positions and other jobs in the state of Georgia. The GWRA, a 3-section test that includes Reading for Information, Locating Information and Applied Mathematics, is a variation of the ACT's Work Keys assessment system. It was developed for use by the Georgia Department of Labor and state residents seeking a Work Ready Certificate. The Work Ready Certificate provides potential Georgia employers with quick information regarding your qualifications.

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