When you find yourself out of the college dorm and in your own apartment, you might need a roommate. In the search for a male roommate, you want to make sure his personality and habits will be compatible with yours. If you're a neat freak, a slob won't do. If you're an early riser, a guy who stays up until 3 a.m. every night might be difficult, unless he's quiet. To find a male roommate, write up an ad, similar to one of the examples below, with an online service or post ads on your campus bulletin boards.

Young Woman Looking for Male Roommate

Looking for a male roommate to share modern 2 BR two blocks from campus. Rent is a great price for the neighborhood. Heat included. You will do your own cooking and clean up. But, hey -- I'm not your Mama, so I'm not picking up your clothes, and this isn't a hookup, either -- so, no -- we're not going to be dating. Cat OK. Parking available. Safe neighborhood, with grocery and shopping. Bonus -- it's near the music venues!

Guy Looking for Male Roommate

Looking for a guy to share my sunny, modern 2 BR near campus. Heat included. Reasonable rent. Don't be too noisy or too much of a slob. Respect my space, dude, and I'll respect yours. Bird, cat or small dog OK. On-street parking. Safe, artsy neighborhood. Parties OK.

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