You've decided that it's time to get some job training, so you've signed up for Job Corps, a program that pays you to learn a trade and even earn your GED or high school diploma if you need one. Packing your bags, you realize that you're not sure whether or not you should bring a particular item. How do you decide what you should bring to Job Corps?

Clothing and Jewelry

You'll want to bring enough clothes to last you one week, so that you are not constantly needing to do laundry. The type of clothes you pack is very important. Job Corps is not the place to wear shirts or other items of clothing that have advertisements for alcohol or cigarettes on them or that promote illegal substances. The clothes you bring should also not have words or images that others might find offensive, such as nudity, curse words or racist symbols.

Bring clothing that is modest. It should not have holes or an indecent neckline. Pants should be able to stay on the waist without falling down. Skirts should be a length that does not attract attention. A good rule of thumb for skirts is that they should not be shorter than where your fingertips touch your thighs when your arms are hanging at your sides.

If you decide to bring jewelry, it is best to bring pieces that you wear all of the time, such as earrings, a ring or a necklace. Do not bring multiple pieces of jewelry to Job Corps, especially if they are valuable. Unlike a hotel, you will not have access to a safe.

Personal Items

Many personal items are provided for you at Job Corps. These include sheets, blankets and pillows. You may want to bring items such as a stuffed animal, a few books and photos of friends and family.

You'll also want to bring toiletries, such as lotion, perfume, shampoo and makeup. Other things to bring are a brush, blow dryer and deodorant.


If you bring electronic items, keep in mind that they should be inexpensive. Also, think about whether or not you want your roommates asking to borrow things such as your iPod or laptop. It is best not to bring these things at all, as safekeeping can be a problem. Instead, bring an inexpensive CD player or radio.

You may bring your cell phone with you, as long as you keep it turned off during the instructional day.

If you have questions about a specific item that you are not sure if you can bring, remember that you can call your admissions counselor at Job Corps and ask for clarification.

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