For an individual seeking a career as a heavy equipment mechanic, various exam preparation guides exist. A number of exams cover the topics a heavy equipment mechanic will need. You can purchase or borrow an exam preparation guide from a local library. You can also look in the resources section of this article. Guides that prepare an individual for this exam are comprehensive, and will prepare him for apprenticeship and certification to become a heavy equipment mechanic.

Mechanical Knowledge

The basics of machinery and mechanics are the foundation of exams on mechanical knowledge. To study for this exam, focus on theory and on illustrations of basic machinery. This strategy extends into basic knowledge of various mechanical processes -- electrical, steam generated, hydraulics -- and how to use these processes in a mechanical environment. A recommendation for understanding the mechanical portion of a study guide is to also use an adjunct guide and become familiar with electrical and hydraulic terms.

Logic and Reasoning

Exam preparation involves logic and reasoning, using mathematical strategies to test logical thought process. Exam preparation should enable you to perform enhanced research and troubleshooting skills. The strategy of deductive reasoning prepares an individual to think on a broader scale when faced with a mechanical problem involving a piece of machinery or one that has safety issues. Study mathematical disciplines such as algebra, geometry and trigonometry can improve knowledge of logic and reasoning for the purposes of taking the exam.

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Safety Considerations

Understanding safety is mandatory for an individual seeking a heavy equipment mechanic designation. Exam preparation involves a strategy for implementing safety awareness in industrial environments and situations. The safety portion of the exam tests the individual’s ability to detect dangerous situations through critical thinking and assessment of a work environment. In conjunction with studying, preparing for the exam involves additional study such as taking a seminar course on the ISO 9000 safety requirements, which are on the actual exam.

Equipment Identification

Mechanics of heavy duty machinery must know when to use the proper analysis tools to detect and repair a problem. Exam preparation involves scenarios and strategies for using voltmeter equipment and you should know the equipment that tests hydraulic pressure and which equipment identifies general electrical problems. A strategy in how to determine the various types of equipment you need would be to buy a heavy equipment mechanics guide to electrical and hydraulic equipment, which details the history and evolution of heavy duty machinery in various industrial settings.

Apprenticeship Training

Individuals planning to be heavy equipment mechanics must have two years of apprenticeship training under a licensed mechanic. Apprenticeship training, combined with studying an exam preparation guide, is a strategy that pays great dividends. On-the-job scenarios can familiarize individuals with terms and concepts before he takes the certification test.

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