Many professions require licensed individuals to undergo continuing education each year to maintain their license. If you have a special knowledge you wish to share in your line of work, you may become a continuing education provider. In order to be a CEU provider, you will need to design a course. For you to execute the course, you will need to obtain a provider number.

Becoming a CEU provider

Your professional association will offer a CEU provider number to qualifying licensed professionals. Visit their website to download the application and review the requirements.

In the application, you will need to detail how you will be providing continuing education. Do you have an online course? Do you conduct seminars? If not, you will need to take a step back and create an educational forum in which licensed individuals will want to participate to receive CEUs.

Complete the application, submit a non-refundable payment, and sent to the appropriate office.

Wait. Typically, there will be a waiting period before you will receive notice whether or not you are accepted. If you're not accepted, you will need to modify your course to fit their criteria and apply again.

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