Intelligence quotient tests have been used for nearly a century for determining intelligence of a child for placement purposes and educational pathways by many schools around the world. IQ tests can be downloaded for free online, and they can help prepare your child for taking the standardized test in her classroom. You can obtain a version of the IQ test without having to pay a private tutor or learning institution to receive a copy.

Open your Internet browser and visit Freedownloadcenter, Bestfreewaredownload and Scribd to locate multiple downloadable versions of the IQ test for free. Direct links to each of these IQ test downloads have been provided in the Resources section of this article below.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the appropriate button to start the download. Click "Download Bergmans IQ test 1.00" on Freedownloadcenter, "Download IQ Test (NASA)" on Bestfreewaredownload and click the green "Download" button on the Scribd link to start saving the IQ tests to your hard drive.

Open the saved file from the location that it has been saved to on your computer and either take the test yourself or give your child a few practice attempts before she takes the official IQ test at her school. Once you feel confident in the results, begin thinking about having your child take the test in an official setting.

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