When you earn a Ph.D., you want to announce it to the important people in your life. Doctoral graduation announcements can have a variety of designs. Regardless of styles, fonts and paper stock, every announcement includes the name of the institution bestowing your Ph.D., graduation dates and your discipline.


An elegant doctoral graduation announcement can be designed in a variety of ways. Have your school's official seal foil-stamped on the front with its name in raised script or as a thermographic print. Upon opening, recipients will see a simple, yet artistic graphic. Your school's main building etched in black ink is a best choice. Your doctoral announcement includes your name, degree, discipline and commencement information. The text might read, "Matthew Aaron Collins is a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Commencement Exercises." Follow with date and location with address.


Draw attention to the doctoral degree with images. Include symbols of the degree. Use an image of the appropriate doctoral headgear drawn in pen and ink. The announcement can be a single page on heavy stock paper. Since your degree is advanced, select white or cream paper colors. Use a black font that is easy to read.


Doctoral-degree announcements can include a combination of personal comment and professional emphasis. For example, write, "We are pleased to announce that on the first of June, year two thousand and ten, Sharon Williams will graduate, Summa Cum Laude, from Harvard University." Add a favorite verse from an English poet or a contemporary philosopher for a personal touch.

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