Colorado, the Centennial State, is known for outdoor activities and the mile-high city of Denver. High school and GED students in the state have various Division I college opportunities to choose from as they consider their options for post-secondary education. Division I colleges are sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for intercollegiate athletics rankings.

U.S. Air Force Academy

The U.S. Air Force Academy offers Division I education to high school graduates who wish to enter the Air Force. Students must be between 17 and 23 at the time they apply. Students cannot be married or have dependents, such as children. Once admitted to the academy, cadets spend four years in college with tuition, fees, room and board paid for by the Air Force. After graduation, cadets enter the Air Force as second lieutenants. Appointments are limited, so students are advised to take at least four years of English, four years of college-level math and four years of lab-based science classes in high school before applying to the academy. Division I athletics at the academy include basketball, baseball, football, and track and field.

University of Colorado at Boulder

The University of Colorado at Boulder is a four-year institution accepting students with high school diplomas or GED certificates. Students can choose from 85 bachelor's, 70 master's and 50 doctoral degree programs. They can study science, business, biology and law, among many other fields. The university's eight schools include the School of Law, Leed School of Business and the College of Music. Applications are accepted online or at the Office of Admissions in the Regent Administrative Center in Boulder. Students can participate in several Division I sports, including baseball, softball, volleyball and soccer.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University in Fort Collins offers 65 undergraduate, 55 master's and 40 doctoral degree programs. Its eight schools include schools of the arts, education and social work. While studying at Colorado State, students can participate in various sports teams, clubs and organizations. Sports available at the college include basketball, tennis, football and volleyball. An online application is available, or students can apply at the Office of Admissions.

University of Denver

The University of Denver is on a 125-acre campus in Colorado's capital city. It offers 100 undergraduate programs, including dual degree options for students who wish to earn credit toward two or more degrees at the same time. A study-abroad program allows students to attend colleges around the world for college credit applicable toward their degree at the University of Denver. Collegiate Division I athletics include hockey, basketball, rugby and soccer.

The Women's College -- no men allowed -- offers bachelor's degrees and certificates to women who apply to the program. Graduate programs are available in 120 courses of study. Prospective students can apply for admission online.

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