According to The George Washington University website, of the 9,245 applicants in 2010, only 523 received acceptance for GW Law -- that's only 5.7 percent. Though George Washington is one of the top law schools, its statistics illustrate how difficult law schools -- any of them -- are to get into.

Because all accredited law schools ask for the same requirements, a student needs to excel in all or a combination of the requirements to beat out other contenders. Some law schools, however, have easier requirements and higher acceptance rates. If you struggled with your grades or your LSAT score, you might want to consider the law schools with easier requirements and higher acceptance rates.

Thomas M. Cooley Law School

With an average acceptance rate of 68.4 percent from 2001 to 2007, Thomas M. Cooley Law School has the highest acceptance rate. The average GPA required for acceptance is 2.51 and the average LSAT score ranges from 144 to 151.

Thomas M. Cooley Law School is in Lansing, Michigan with satellite campuses in Grand Rapids, Auburn Hills and Ann Arbor. It has the largest law school faculty in the United States.

After graduation, 74.8 percent of its students found a job within nine months. The bar pass rate stand at 63.9 percent, which is 14.3 percent below the state's average.

Golden Gate University

The Golden Gate University School of Law offers certification of specialization in many areas, including business, intellectual property, international and real estate. It also offers flexibility for students, who can choose between full-time and part-time.

Its average acceptance rate from 2001 to 2007 is 62.8 percent, with the lowest GPA at 2.82 and the lowest LSAT score of 150. Graduates' bar passing rate has been especially low, with only 45.7 percent, which is 17.3 percent below the state's average. However, about 73 percent of graduates find jobs within nine months of graduation.

Whittier Law School

Based on performance, Whittier undergraduates gain eligibility of early admissions to Whittier Law School with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and a percentile score of at least 50 percent of those who took the LSAT.

The average acceptance rate of Whittier Law School is 46.8 percent, with an average GPA of 2.55 and an average LSAT score of 152.

Graduates who obtain employment at graduation come to 63 percent. However, Whittier Law School graduates' bar passing rate is 19.6 percent lower than the state average.

CUNY -- Queens College

Although CUNY School of Law in Queens has a slightly lower acceptance rate -- 26 percent, its accepted average GPA and LSAT score are still pretty low -- 2.66 and 151.

Also, CUNY is currently the only publicly-supported law school in New York City, and encourages students to practice law in the public sector. When you apply to CUNY, if you put more emphasis on your commitment for public service, the school will be more lenient with your GPA.

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