E-Learning courses are educational courses that take place online. These courses are used in educational and training settings. E learning courses allow the course to be presented anywhere internet access is available making it convenient and cost efficient. The developer of the e-learning course must make the course both relevant and interesting to keep the learner focused on the topic. The course must also be created in a format that is easy to use and to modify as information needs to be updated.

Write down goals for the course. Determine what the main objective for the course is and what is to be learned by those taking the course. For example, "At the end of the course the students will be able to discuss the importance of the Great Depression for the rise of Nazi Germany." Write down what the key points are for the students to know about the goals.

Outline the entire course. This will show how the course will fit together and establishes the overall flow of the course. This is also a good time to write down activities within the course the students will take part in. These activities include quizzes, watching short videos and games. The activities will be based on the material presented. Make sure the activities are focused towards the established goals listed earlier.

Use software programs that make creating and modifying the course as simple as possible. These programs may be determined by your IT department at school. Or, if you are creating the entire program from scratch, companies such as Microsoft and Adobe offer software that can create online courses. The program should be easy to use by the students. Students should be able to use the course with little to no instruction. The program must allow changes to be made to the course with little issue to functionality as possible. If you are uncertain about which programs are best, contact professionals to help design the course.

Test the program before releasing it. As the designer of the course, you should sit through the course a few times to see if it meets your goals and write down any adjustments that should be made. A test run with a few people should also be completed. Get the students feedback on the course and see if the goals were achieved by the students after taking the course. Change the course as needed before releasing it to all students.

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