Middle school students are at a challenging age, stuck between childhood and teenage years, so decorate your classroom to help meet their needs. Create a welcome and comforting atmosphere by choosing room décor that reflects the interests of your students. Include in your room informational posters and unique items that will benefit students as a reference and make for a fun environment.

Classroom Expectations

Visually display your classroom expectations by including them as part of your classroom decorations. Middle school students may need reminders about classroom expectations, so help them out by making the rules easy to find and remember. Display your expectations through posters on the wall or as part of your bulletin board. Consider choosing a theme. For example, you could provide paper cut-outs shaped like CDs for students to decorate with the rules. You can display these above the classroom CD player.

Reference Posters

Reference posters serve as quick reminders for students on basic skills they already know, or are still learning. Making these posters part of your classroom decorations makes it easy for students to quickly check their work. For example, students in math classes may benefit from having a multiplication table they can look at to check their answers. Commonly misspelled words can also be hung up throughout the room as a quick reference for writing projects. These types of decorations add color and information to your room.

Inspirational Posters

Purchase or make inspirational posters to decorate the walls of your classroom. Middle school students will benefit from the positive encouragement they get from reading these posters. You can put these posters up before the first day, or make it a fun first day project. Choose several inspirational quotes or sayings and let students pick one to work with. They can design a poster that includes the quote or saying, and you can hang these posters up around the room as a personalized decoration.

Bulletin Board

Middle school opens up more opportunity for students to become involved in various school organizations and programs, so create a classroom bulletin board to put up this information. On this bulletin board, include a monthly calendar that shows upcoming events, including birthdays, class assignments and school events. You can display outstanding student work, class time schedules and daily announcements. Students can take an active role in updating the board. Bulletin boards can be decorated with fun borders, color posters and pictures.

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