In a sentence, an adjective describes a noun which is defined as a person, place, thing or concept. Knowing how to evaluate the purpose of these words will help you identify an adjective.

Break Down

Read through your sentence and underline words that describe something. For example, in the sentence “The sky is blue,” you might notice that the word “blue” is a description. If you have a few words that you suspect might act as adjectives, underline them all since you can have more than one adjective in a sentence. Determine what each word describes. In the previous example, “blue” describes the noun, “sky,” and you know that “blue” is an adjective.


You may find words that seem like adjectives since it appears they describe something. In the sentence, “She walked quickly,” you may initially think “quickly” is an adjective. However, this describes the verb, the action word in the sentence. In this sentence example, you will not have an adjective.

Get Help

If you struggle identifying adjectives, consider a private tutoring session or take a basic grammar or writing class to help you learn the concepts.

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