A practicum report is an explanation of what an individual did during a practical experience and the outcomes of that experience, according to the University of Memphis in Tennessee. Practicums can be completed in a wide range of specialized fields of study and usually are courses required as part of a graduate program. They combine academic knowledge with applied experience in professional settings, giving students the chance to work in areas such as formative research or program implementation. A formal practicum report should include several parts and usually requires several double-spaced, typed pages.

Step 1

Create a title page, making sure the title briefly describes the nature of the assignment. Type your name on the title page along with the semester you plan to file the formal practicum report, and mention the college program for which you are writing the report.

Step 2

Write a brief description of what the practicum report is about. This paragraph should be about 150 words or less and basically serves as your summary, or abstract. Then, create a page for your introduction. On this page, describe the nature of the practicum and the supervising agency that provided you the opportunity to complete the practicum. For example, if you did a practicum in library science, explain that you worked as a children’s librarian and name the organization you worked for, according to the University of British Columbia. State the assignment’s goals and the greater significance of the practicum, and explain what your assigned duties were.

Step 3

Write a fairly detailed section on the specific activities you actually did during your practical experience. Explain the time frame required to complete these projects. For repetitive tasks, include the overall time frame of the practicum and an estimated amount of time devoted to each major duty. Also, describe anything you observed while doing your practicum and what techniques or important concepts you learned from these observations.

Step 4

Explain the practical and theoretical value of the practicum experience. Compare what you did during your practicum to coursework you did prior to the work experience. Describe what outcomes you expected and what results you actually achieved during this experience. Also, explain recommendations for future practicum improvements. In addition, describe how your practicum experience influenced your professional or academic goals. End the practicum report by providing summary statements that recap the content of your report.

Step 5

Attach a practicum agreement or job description as an appendix if these are available. Include other attachments that are relevant to your practicum, such as any work you actually completed -- grants you wrote or reports/evaluations you produced. Also, include a bibliography of references citing any information you used for your report. Read through the report for errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation.

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