In today's fast-changing world, it can be tough to keep up, especially if you’re not familiar with technology. If you don’t know how to use a desktop computer or a laptop, you could struggle with critical aspects of everyday life. For senior citizens who didn’t grow up with technology, that struggle is even more apparent.

Thankfully, seniors can find computer classes to learn how to use technology and keep up with the younger generations. With just a few lessons, they can go online and successfully use a computer in no time. Oftentimes, lessons are free or discounted, which makes it even easier to find the right computer lessons for seniors.

Why Are Computer Lessons for Senior Citizens Important?

Senior citizen computer training is important for a number of reasons. Tasks like paying the bills, shopping and communicating with others can be done with ease online. Instead of going to the grocery store or mall, she can order groceries and clothes online, which helps her avoid a big hassle. She can also pay her bills online, which could be more secure than putting a check in the mail.

Perhaps a senior citizen has trouble leaving the house because of a medical condition. How else will she socialize with friends and family aside from the phone? Many people would rather text or email nowadays. She can follow her loved ones on social media and keep up with their lives, which will lessen the feeling of isolation that seniors often experience.

A senior can also find entertainment online, like games or videos. This is also helpful if she has trouble leaving her home. She can play chess with someone 3,000 miles away or watch videos and teach herself a new skill. She can take online courses, which works out her brain even if she’s having issues with her body.

How to Find Online Computer Classes for Seniors

There are a number of computer classes for seniors online. They include Skillful Senior, which teaches basic skills like using a mouse, or there are classes provided through YouTube. TechBoomers has a ton of resources on learning how to use a computer as well.

The only problem with online classes is that a senior may be putting the cart before the horse and not know how to access them. That’s why it’s better to go to classes in person.

How to Find In-Person Computer Classes for Seniors

Seniors can attend classes in person at their local library, college or computer store. For instance, Apple offers free classes for Mac users that teach how to deploy their products. Local senior centers also provide training, usually from volunteers in the community.

These classes will teach things like how to use the internet, how to use programs like Microsoft Excel and Word, email basics, how to post on social media, how to job hunt online and much, much more. These classes are typically free or at the very least discounted. Seniors can also audit classes at their local colleges to learn more.

Often, one-on-one computer tutors will advertise in the local paper, so seniors can get more personalized training if they don’t work well in a group setting. Instructors can come to their homes and show them how to use their specific devices, which can be highly beneficial. Seniors also shouldn’t be afraid to ask their younger family members and friends for help. They can easily learn computer basics in no time, enhancing their lives and ensuring they stay up to date on the latest technology.

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