Most community colleges in the state of Illinois do not offer on-campus housing due to budget allotments; therefore, students who want to live in dorms usually must attend a regular four-year university or college. Some community colleges in Illinois do have on-site student housing facilities. These colleges maintain the standard characteristics of a community college, such as small class sizes and two-year degrees, but they add an element of residential life with the inclusion of dorms on campus.

Joliet Junior College

Joliet Junior College, located in Joliet, Illinois, was the first public community college in America. The college offers several cultural and entertainment attractions, such as a fitness center where students can register for health workshops and fitness classes, an art gallery that houses student artwork as well as the work of local, regional and national artists and a theater which presents student community productions year-round. Centennial Commons is the on-site dormitory that allows students to live in fully furnished units that have private bedrooms.

Lincoln College

Lincoln College is a private community college located in Normal, Illinois. It is an accredited college that offers Associate programs in basic fields, such as art, science and business. The social scene at Lincoln offers students the opportunity to join various fraternities and clubs and participate in weekly entertainment events, such as movie nights and karaoke contests. Residential life at Lincoln revolves around the student apartment buildings where each fully-furnished unit -- complete with a kitchen, living room and two baths -- sleeps four students in separate private bedrooms.

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Illinois Central College

Illinois Central, a community college located in Peoria, Illinois, includes three campuses and a population of about 350,000. From cultural and sports events to clubs and organizations, students can choose from a number of diverse opportunities for social involvement on Illinois Central's campus. They can also stay at Woodview Commons, student housing apartments where residential options include studio apartments with private kitchens and living spaces, as well as shared two- or four-bedroom furnished units with private bedrooms and leases for each roommate.

Other Options

Because community colleges with on-site dorms in Illinois are scarce, considering a public or private university with similarities to a community college, such as centrally-located campuses, Associate's degrees, lower tuition rates and more flexible admission requirements is another option. DePaul University in Chicago offers several two-year programs in areas including accounting, fine arts and nursing. It offers campuses in several cities including Lincoln Park, Oak Forest, and Naperville, each with its own residence halls. DePaul requires prospective students to submit SAT or ACT scores along with transcripts, but does not have extensive admission prerequisites.

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