The National Collegiate Athletic Association has approximately 1000 colleges and universities in its three divisions. Division II (D2) schools must play five men's and five women's sports each year. Unlike Division I schools, division two school have no attendance requirements for games. Athletes can receive scholarships to play a sport at a Division II school. Most Division II schools have a student enrollment of less than 10,000 students. There are many division 2 colleges in Texas: in fact, there are more than a dozen D2 schools in state.

D2 Schools In Texas: East and Northeast

Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls has 45 undergraduate and 28 graduate programs in business, fine arts, science, social sciences and education. The university is one of the few in the nation that offers in-state tuition to out-of-state students. Texas A & M University at Commerce, an affiliate of the Texas A&M system, offers courses online and in five offsite locations as well as at the main campus. The university has courses in business, education and social services, humanities and the sciences. Texas Woman's University, the largest university primarily for women, has three campuses -- two in the Dallas area and one in Houston. Texas Woman's University offers Ph.D.'s in physical therapy, dance and occupational therapy. They are one of only five schools to have these doctoral programs.

North Texas

Many D2 schools in Texas are located in the northern area of the state. Dallas Baptist University has a large online degree program as well as on-campus programs. The university also offers adults the opportunity to complete a degree they started but did not have an opportunity to finish. Lubbock Christian University is an award-winning green energy campus, reusing graywater in dormitories and heating and cooling their welcome center for one-third of the traditional cost. McMurry University in Abilene offers pre-professional degree programs in law, medicine, engineering, physical therapy and ministry. Tarleton State University in Stephenville requires that its students complete real-world learning experiences such as service learning, internships and study abroad in order to graduate with honors.

West Texas

Angelo State University located in San Angelo, Texas boasts an excellent computer science program as well as a large land and water management area for agricultural and wildlife management students to practice their skills. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa offers petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering programs. The college also offers an industrial technology degree with an emphasis in petroleum technology. West Texas A & M University in Canyon holds a student involvement fair each fall and hands out door prizes. The university also offers a migrant student program and on-site child care for its students.

South Texas

St. Edward's University in Austin has a job preparation program to ready students for the world outside of college. The university also has an academic exploration program for students who are undecided on a major. St. Mary's University in San Antonio, one of only three Marianist universities in the nation, offers 75 undergraduate and graduate programs. In keeping with the economy of the area, Texas A&M University-Kingsville has degree programs in animal, rangeland and wildlife sciences as well as chemical and natural gas engineering. Texas A&M International University in Laredo focuses on preparing students for a bicultural and bilingual society with classes in business, arts and sciences, education and health sciences.

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