If you have ever attended a game at the Super Dome in New Orleans during a sweltering hot and humid spell and wondered how a large indoor space has such a perfect and comfortable climate, you should talk to a commercial HVAC specialist. Commercial HVAC professionals maintain and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for non-residential facilities. There are a variety of school types that offer commercial HVAC degrees, certificates and diplomas to students preparing to jump-start their careers.

Technical Colleges

Many commercial HVAC schools are also technical colleges that offer mechanical programs, industrial arts curriculums and applied sciences. Schools like Horry Georgetown Technical College offer a certificate in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning that trains students to repair, service and troubleshoot commercial refrigeration systems like those mammoth walk-in coolers and freezers that are common in large restaurants, hospitals and resorts. Horry Georgetown's website states that the commercial HVAC industry has undergone many changes due to society's emphasis on environmental green concerns and fuel conservation. The training their students receive is therefore up-to-date with industry codes and standards and offers a contemporary curriculum.

Diploma Schools

Some commercial HVAC schools offer certificate while others offer diplomas. Whereas a certificate attests that you have taken courses on a specific subject that qualifies you for an entry level job, a diploma proves you have taken several classes in the same subject matter but in a longer and more in-depth program. Diplomas allow you to study a subject with a solid overview of the field without earning an actual degree. Redstone College offers a four-term diploma that can lead to an associate degree. It covers the fundamentals of commercial HVAC and teaches the skills required to service various systems. Students also learn about the electrical and mechanical controls of the appliances and valuable diagnostic skills.

Certificate Schools

Commercial HVAC schools that offer certificates are perfect options for students who seek minimum requirements for entry-level jobs. A school awarding certificates provides students with the technical skills and knowledge needed to be proficient in their chosen field without requiring further education. Clayton State University offers their hands-on commercial HVAC certificate program that trains students to become heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians capable of servicing all areas of commercially-graded appliances.

Community Colleges

Community colleges offer a hodgepodge of courses and programs. Most offer entry-level classes in major fields that can lead to an associate degree and some offer a number of technical courses in subjects like fire fighting science, welding, auto mechanics and HVAC. Mohave Community College offers a certificate in commercial refrigeration that educates students for a career in HVAC while focusing on commercial refrigeration systems. Mohave stands as being fairly unique when compared to most community colleges, as they offer room and board for students enrolled in their HVAC program.

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