Most colleges and universities do not offer pre-law majors, nor do they have formal pre-law programs. However, some offer a pre-law curriculum that prepares students for the law school entrance exam (LSAT). Some offer degrees and certificates that prepare students for employment in a legal field, as well as for passing the LSAT. Pre-law advisers at colleges and universities consult with students to recommend courses.

New York University

New York University has no formal pre-law program but recommends concentrating on academic areas that hold your interest. Most law schools recommend perfecting your English composition skills. The ability to express yourself clearly will be to your advantage. Having analytical skills, a background in behavioral sciences and humanities, and an understanding of basic economic principles will also be to your advantage. Law-related courses, such as business law, will not necessarily help you get into law school or help you succeed in law school.

Hamline University

The legal studies department of Hamline University, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, offers several ways you can explore the legal field as an undergraduate. A legal studies major prepares you for law school, paralegal work or full-time employment. A pre-law major, offered jointly with the Hamline University School of Law, gives exceptional students the opportunity to start law school one year early at Hamline. A paralegal certificate program provides training in law and legal assistant skills. Hamline University recommends a legal studies minor for students planning to attend law school or majoring in fields impacted by legal regulations.

Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees

Walden University offers a master of public administration--law and public policy. Kaplan University offers a master of science in legal studies. Herzing University offers a bachelor of science (B.S.) in legal studies and criminal justice. Strayer University offers a bachelor of business administration with a legal studies concentration. Liberty University, Bryant & Stratton College and Eagle Gate College offer a B.S. in criminal justice.

Associate Degrees, Certificates and Vocational Training

Herzing University offers an associate of science in legal assisting and paralegal and an associate of science in criminal justice. Strayer University and Liberty University offer an associate of arts in criminal justice. Lamson College offers a paralegal associate of applied science. Sumner College prepares students to be correctional officers, court reporters or paralegals. South Texas Vocational Technical Institute prepares students for entry-level employment in the legal field. The Academy of Court Reporting and Technology prepares students for employment in court systems, law firms and government agencies.

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