If you are interested in a career that offers flexibility while allowing you to help people get better health results with their medications, a career in pharmacy might be right for you. A 2009 article in "Forbes" showcased the pharmaceutical field as being a lucrative one that allows people to travel and work anywhere in the country. It also highlighted the benefit of pharmacists being able to work part time even after retirement. If you want to become a pharmacist you will need to take pharmacy courses towards a degree within the field.

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

In its 2013 Best Pharmacy Programs rankings, "U.S. News and World Report" ranked the University of Utah as one of the nation’s top pharmacy programs. The College of Pharmacy Pharm.D. program was ranked number 10 out of 125 doctorate programs in the same field. The College of Pharmacy is part of the University’s Health Sciences Center and offers state-of-the-art facilities to teach students biomedical science and professional pharmacy practices. Training at this school also includes clinical clerkships, fellowship training and post-graduate residency programs in order to prepare students for a variety of professional careers.

University of California--San Francisco

In a poll by “U.S. News and World Report,” University of California--San Francisco is ranked number one for the best pharmaceutical graduate school program. The rankings are based on peer assessment surveys sent to administrators, including deans and faculty members of accredited degree programs in the same discipline. The school offers a four-year PharmD professional program that prepares students for work in the clinical sector. They also offer five Ph.D. programs in: bioengineering, biological and medical informatics, biophysics, chemistry and chemical biology, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics. The school’s website states that these courses are multidisciplinary based and directly reflect the institute’s collaborative ethics in science.

USC School of Pharmacy

University of Southern California’s School of Pharmacy is primarily known for its Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) -— the largest in the department. The school also offers some master's and doctoral programs that will give students the skills and knowledge to move into a number of exciting career fields. Many students choose to study at USC because the School of Pharmacy offers residency and fellowship opportunities. Whether you want to take a Ph.D. course program or work towards a master’s degree, USC offers various courses to meet student needs.

Online Courses in Pharmacology

Some students have daytime obligations such as a full-time job or a family to raise that makes it difficult to attend classes on campus. Online courses make it possible for pharmacology students to work towards obtaining their degree from the convenience of their own home, on their own time. University of Florida offers programs that take as little as 18 months to complete. The master’s in pharmacy medication therapy management course focuses on the patient-pharmacist relationship while training pharmacists on how to improve medication outcomes. Other online schools to offer classes in pharmacy studies include Ashworth College and University of Minnesota.

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