Communication arts, also referred to as media studies, cover a broad range of topics in journalism, film, radio, public speaking and related fields in media. The top schools for communication and media studies in the world are ranked by the QS World University, which ranks colleges based on criteria including research participation, graduate rate of employment, infrastructure, innovation in teaching, student engagement and standings in specialist subjects.

University of California at Berkeley

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in media studies at the University of California at Berkeley. This program focuses on the analytical and historical aspects of media by examining communication, sociology, anthropology, political science and journalism as they relate to media in contemporary society. Students in this program are given opportunities to assess the roles and effects of the major mass media on American life as they undergo a course of study taught by a diverse faculty.

University of Texas at Austin

At the University of Texas at Austin, students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. Within this major, students can choose tracks of study that focus on corporate communication, human relations or political communication. Communication students at the University of Texas at Austin can also participate in research projects both individually and in collaboration with faculty.

Columbia University

The Columbia University Journalism School offers students a Ph.D. in Communications through a rigorous program of study that takes a multidisciplinary approach to communication studies. This program is designed for students seeking careers in teaching, research or policy administration in communication. Full-time Ph.D. students at Columbia University are often offered a tuition exemption during the years they are taking courses, and they are also granted stipends in return for work as teaching or research assistants.

National University of Singapore

The Department of Communications and New Media at the National University of Singapore offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program where students are engaged in experiential learning and can study a wide range of topics including journalism, visual design, new media and regulation, human computer interaction and social psychology. National University of Singapore communications students are also given opportunities to participate in local and international competitions, exhibitions and service-based projects with clients and professionals in the media industry.

University of Wisconsin at Madison

The University of Wisconsin at Madison was one of the first schools to offer a degree program in communication and continues to be a leader in the field. The Department of Communication Arts allows students to focus studies in communication science and rhetorical studies or in radio, television and film as they relate to communication. In addition to academics, communication arts students at the University of Wisconsin are encouraged to participate in internships with local television or radio stations, non-profit organizations, advertising and other communication-related agencies.

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