There are a number of scholarships available to help students pay for college. Many different websites have extensive databases where you can search for scholarships and grants for which you are eligible. Scholarships also exist for students with a variety of disabilities, including depression and mood disorders.

Davidson Scholarship Fund

The Canadian Mental Health Association offers a scholarship for students who are either members or residents of CMHA-sponsored programs or who are studying mental health topics in school. Students must live in the Region of Peel to qualify.

Eli Lilly and Company Reintegration Scholarships

The Center for Reintegration is an organization to help people with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and related disorders. They offer an annual college scholarship for students recovering from or dealing with severe mental illness.

Disability Scholarships

If your depression is severe enough to be considered a disability, you may be eligible for scholarships for students with disabilities. Many scholarships exist for students with a documented disability of any kind. Some examples are the Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, the Saul and Shirley Lederer Fund at the University of Michigan, and the California Association on Postsecondary Education and Disability Student Scholarships.

State Vocational Rehabilitation Services

If you are disabled due to depression or other mental illness, you may be eligible for state assistance for college tuition and other expenses. You could qualify if you have a physical or mental disability that keeps you from getting or keeping a job and you need additional training to get a job that fits your skills and interests. This kind of assistance is generally directed towards a non-traditional student, probably one who has never finished a college education.

General Scholarships

Students who suffer from depression may also qualify for a number of additional scholarships, depending on their situation. There are scholarships for left-handed students, scholarships for students with good grades or average grades, and scholarships for returning students, just to name a few categories.

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