An expository essay is the type of essay that uses facts, statistics and noted data from reliable sources as the method of giving information, rather than personal opinion on the topic. It might also be called a “research” essay because it requires students to research the topic and find the facts out before it is written. In colleges, expository essays are one of the common essay-writing styles that students are expected to write.

Security Cameras Topic

Security cameras are located in a wide range of locations, such as parking lots, banks and businesses. As an expository essay, students might discuss the usefulness of security cameras versus the invasion of privacy the cameras sometimes represent. Students might discuss the role of the camera in various situations and when cameras are going too far, such as putting cameras at street corners.

Discuss Human Traits

Human traits are varied and can range from personality traits to actions humans take in their lives. College students can select a trait or an idea about humans that comes from displayed traits and determine what the traits mean. For example, a student might determine that a human trait of exploration and adventure is related to great men and then support the idea with figures from history like Columbus or Lewis and Clark.

Explaining Ideas in Literature

Books read in college classes, which vary widely by the class and the specific area of study, can lead to several expository essay ideas for students. For example, students might write an essay about the role of women in ancient literature or the changes of women’s roles in literature as a comparison study.

Green or Eco-friendly Topics

The green movement is an eco-friendly movement to help improve and save the environment. Students can explore various green movement topics and write an essay on the topic. For example, students might discuss green marketing methods, methods of going green at home, or even the way children can help in going green. Topics can even include recycling and different items which are recyclable.

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