Undergraduate students who want to major in a non-math-oriented subject should choose a Bachelor of Arts, rather than a Bachelor of Science degree program. Most BS degree programs require a fair amount of math coursework. Avoid degree programs that require technical mathematical skills, such as engineering, computer science, architecture, chemistry or physics. Instead, opt for a major that requires a thorough understanding of language, writing, culture or art.

History Degree

Choose a degree in history to avoid extensive math coursework. You can major in history or a related subject, such as international studies, art history, European studies, Chinese studies, Latin American studies, African American studies, women's and gender studies or historical archeology and cultural resource management. For example, according to the University of Texas in Austin, history majors don't have to take any math courses to get a degree in history. Some colleges may require history majors to take an introductory-level math course if their high school math coursework isn't sufficient.

Philosophy Degree

Opt for a degree in philosophy if you want to expand your knowledge of world views, but you don't want to take upper-level math classes. Philosophy majors often pursue careers in education or law. For example, all students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Boston College, regardless of their major, must take at least one math course that's a 109-level or above. However, there are no math requirements beyond that for philosophy majors.

English or Foreign Language Degree

Select a degree program where you can major in English or a related subject, such as comparative literature, creative writing or language and literacy. Or, opt for a degree in a foreign language, such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese or Russian. These degree programs require minimal math coursework. For example, the University of Washington in Seattle doesn't require English or Spanish majors to take any math courses. However, students who plan to pursue elementary-school teaching credentials, along with their major in English or Spanish at UW, must take a Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers course.

Fine Arts Degree

Major in art, drama or music to avoid upper-level math courses. These types of majors are quite specific and require extensive hands-on involvement beyond the classroom. Choose a major, such as art studio, fine arts, music conducting, dance, film and media studies, media arts, music composition, jazz studies, music education, music history, opera theater, music performance, music theory, piano pedagogy, violin pedagogy or theater. For example, fine arts majors at the University of Minnesota don't have to take any math classes. If you major in a technical art field that requires computer knowledge and expertise, such as graphic design, expect some math requirements. For example, graphic design majors at Pennsylvania State University must take either Structures of Mathematics or Topics in Mathematics and Introduction to Geometry.

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