So you're girlfriend's been sulking and stressed since she learned she failed a recent test. Maybe it was a major test that could affect her final grade in a class, or perhaps her parents are strict about grades and she's worried about their reaction. What she needs from you is a supportive shoulder to lean on, some cheering up and most importantly, a positive attitude.

Offer Encourging Words

Your girlfriend will either vent about the test or not want to talk about it at all. Either way, it is important that you let her know you are there for her. Listen intently if she wants to talk. You don't have offer solutions, but offer them if she asks. Let her know how sorry you are that she is upset, that you know how hard she studied (if she did) and that if there is anything you can do to make her feel better, you will.

Give A Gift

A small surprise gift is sure to put a smile on your girlfriend's face after a failed test. Stop by her favorite bakery, pick up some of her favorite treats and leave them with a note of support. Give her chocolate kisses and a card that says "cheer up." Include with it a promise to watch her favorite romantic comedy, even if you can't stand it.

Forget The Test

Get your girlfriend's mind off of the failed test, at least for a little while, by doing something fun. Take her bowling, roller skating or go-karting. Try to do something that she is particularly good at to build her confidence. If she's the star of her softball team, head to the batting cages so she can show off and get a little frustration out. If she's adventurous, try out an adventure ropes course at a nearby state park that she'll excel at. Take her to an amusement park and challenge her to ride all the roller coasters in the park, with you by her side, of course. Choose activities that will help clear her mind of negative thoughts related to her failed test.

Her Study Buddy

If your girlfriend can re-take the test, offer to help her study for it. If she can't re-take the test, help her study for future tests. You can also help her with homework or make-up options that will bring her overall class grade up. If she has to do a lot of research, offer to be her research assistant. Help her find a tutor if the subject is a difficult one for her. Knowing that you are willing to help improve her grade is in itself a priceless way to cheer your girlfriend up after a failed test.

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