"Mystic River" is a fictional novel written by Dennis Lehane, published in 2001. It contains strong violence and adult themes and is suitable for high-school students and adults. Three friends, Dave, Sean and Jimmy, are playing outside when Dave is abducted by child molesters. Twenty-five years later, "Mystic River" follows the lives of the three as they cope with hardships after the incident and deal with present-day violence, crime and corruption in Boston. Celeste is Dave's wife and an influential character in the book.

Understanding and Sympathetic

Celeste has compassion for Dave's mood swings, brooding behavior and recluse-like existence. She's a "skittish, devoted wife," according to The New York Times. Celeste is also Jimmy's wife's cousin, so there are bloodlines that link Dave and Jimmy. She wants the best for Dave but realizes there's little she can do to change his troubled past. Celeste is more of a mother to Dave than a wife.

Anxious and Fearful

Celeste often plays the role of pacifier and negotiator as she tries to help Jimmy understand Dave's shattered ego. She realizes how powerful and corrupt Jimmy is and wants to protect Dave from Jimmy's ruthless behavior. Celeste is meek and kind, but she's also emotional. Her feelings often get in the way of making good decisions.

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